Structural Due Diligence

RREN provides specialized Structural Due Diligence Service to construct all kinds of residential and commercial Projects. The whole process includes the study of the available data like soil report, design brief report, architectural and structural drawings etc., site visits for the detailed study of the project followed by making descriptive initial and final project reports along with the cost of correcting the faults with asset priority.

Thus, the RREN Structural Due Diligence (TDD) report gives a clear picture of any building to the client in terms of its quality and life and most importantly whether the building requires any kind of strengthening. We, being a leading consultancy company have at present completed around 40 Million SFT of projects under the TDD wing.

Projects Completed:

1. High rise residential towers at Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

2. Mall at Chennai.

3. Mall and residential tower at Mysore.

4. Mall and commercial office spaces at Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad


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Structural Consultancy

At RREN, we specialize in providing top-notch structural consultancy services. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and comprehensive guidance for all your construction and infrastructure projects. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, we are your trusted partner in shaping the built environment.


A. Buildings

In addition, to the real estate, industrial & commercial projects, we have expertise in handling hospitals, schools, hotels and any other complex structures. We, as a leading construction company are also handling quite a few projects under the 3D precast technology with an Australian client as his back-end office for producing detailed design drawings and shop drawings for them. We have a strong in-house team of structural designers and technocrats who thrive to deliver the project on time and within the budgeted cost. We are at present handling 8 MSqft under this wing.


RREN believes in creating the very detailing of the project, thus creating the entire blueprint of the project on paper, to help the execution team to keep progressing smoothly on site without hassles, thereby reducing the prospective delays as well. In addition to this, site visits are also planned to help & support the site team and resolve any pertaining issues to ensure proper & correct construction. We at RREN use technology to share all the project details on cloud that makes it easy for everyone to access the project specific details anywhere at any time. We issue BoQs with GFCs and keep a tab on committed numbers.

Projects Portfolio:

  • Karle Vario
  • Karle Pinnacle
  • Mahendra Aarya
  • Ecolife EON-Akash
  • Assetz 63 Deg East Tower A
  • Assetz 63 Deg East Tower B
  • Assetz 63 Deg East Tower E
  • Assetz Atmos & Aura
  • Assetz Earth & Essence
  • VA_TuV
  • Parakite Builders Koncept Ambience
  • Hill Ridge Estates, Sports Complex

B. Roads and Infrastructure

Mud roads may be designed for large traffic, repetitive traffic and bi-directional traffic. The mud roads life may be enhanced to a large extent by proper mathematical approach.
There are three courses:

  • Sub base
  • Base
  • Surface

All the above courses are designed with Finite Element Analysis. Existing soil at the site will be analyzed thoroughly by appropriate lab tests to assess the parameters. In case any parameter is found to be inadequate only then the soil is blended to achieve acceptable properties. Geosynthetics are usually recommended in our designs for better load distribution. We discourage use of concrete, asphalt etc. We strongly suggest local materials for road construction to the best possible extent. Use of synthetics is limited except cross link polymer for surface treatment. Every road is designed with the aid of Finite Element Analysis/Methods (FEA/FEM). These designed roads are easy to maintain, easy to construct, lasts many years, environmental friendly and are sustainable. They contribute towards carbon foot print reduction. We, at RREN, effectively construct these roads following all the methods mentioned above. 

Projects Portfolio:

  • Alekhya Homes
  • Dense Woods
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Structural Rehabilitation

RREN is your premier destination for structural rehabilitation services. We excel in revitalizing and strengthening aging infrastructure, ensuring longevity and safety. Our expert team's commitment to excellence will breathe new life into your structures.


Slab, Beam, Column, Shearwall Strengthening & Steel Member Retrofitting:

  • We do structural Strenthening by all the three well known methods of Steel Jacketing, Concrete Jacketing and CFRP Wrapping
  • Rusting of elements: We remove the rusting; strengthen the elements against loss of load carrying capacity.
  • Plates/Bolts are sheared: We replace the bolts / stiffen the plates after mathematical analysis.


Crack Treatment:

Crack is live whereas the structure is dead. As mathematicians, we understand why the cracks appear and how they grow (crack propagation). The treatment is captured in a detailed method statement wherein the type of chemical and brands are also mentioned for filling cracks in walls. There will be drawings to explain the methods along with technical specifications.

Masonry Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of separation between rigid elements like concrete and masonry.
  • The convergence of mass at top/bottom of openings.
  • Shear in building frames causes diagonal cracks in masonry.
  • The masonry cracks are treated such that the tips are stiffened where the energy is stored. The treated cracks are flexible and not rigid. The chemicals what we use are best quality and are from best brands.

Slab Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of shrinkage of concrete. The cracks are widespread and are not in any pattern.
  • Less clear cover to reinforcement, oxidation of bars can be seen at soffit. The entire surface is treated with epoxy so that spalling of concrete never happens in future.
  • High flexural stresses. These cracks need to be strengthened before treatment.

Beam Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of inadequate steel reinforcement.  Straight cracks at soffit and on face indicate flexure cracks and diagonal cracks indicate shear cracks. Cracks are treated by steel or CFRP/GFRP jacketing.
  • Less bearing at support. If the development length of bars is inadequate, there we strengthen the supports by wrapping the junctions using CFRP.

Column/Shear Wall Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of less load carrying capacity against gravitational and/or lateral loads. We strengthen the elements by concrete/steel jacketing or wrapping using CFRP/GFRP.

Floor Vibration Control:

  • Evaluation of acceleration of existing floor with provided stiffness.
  • Evaluation of acceleration after adding vibration absorbing strips/layer.
  • The methodology of application of strips/layer on the slab and junction of column & slab.
  • Presentation of mathematical analysis report, methodology, material specification, make etc in a report

Seepage/Leakage Control:

  • Seepage/leakage in wet area sand terrace/balcony etc will be controlled by treating the area with PU sealants and nanoparticle polymers with appropriate weather coat.
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Our Philosophy

Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent consultancy.

We have more than 15 years of experience with virtous vision and mission.



Reuse the available resources



Rehabilitate to achieve the target strength



Engineering to provide otimized designs



Noble thoughts of giving back to the society!

RREN Awards

Real Women Award
Real Women Award
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Real Women Award
Real Women Award
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Real Women Award
Real Women Award
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Certificate of Registration
Certificate of Registration
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We provide Quality Engineering Design Services & Design and Build Services in Structural Strengthening to Real estate industry by thoroughly studying the needs of the clients and analyzing requirements. We optimize material consumption and assist in speeding up construction through applied mathematics leveraging SMART technologies. .

Experience in Serving large scale to low segment projects.

Follow strong systems & processes throughout.

Design based on specific client needs and demand of the site profile.

Budgeting & Cost Control through optimization of construction materials.

Focus on quality of the deliverables..

On or before time planned deliveries.

Serve all kinds of buildings(New, Under Construction & Existing Buildings and Infrastructures)

Strong customer Satisfaction.and requirements

Services to a wide range of clients, representing a Broad Spectrum of clients


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