Structural Due Diligence

We offer detailed TDD services for all kinds of buildings

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Technical Due Diligence

RREN provides specialized Structural Due Diligence Service to construct all kinds of residential and commercial Projects. The whole process includes the study of the available data like soil report, design brief report, architectural and structural drawings etc., site visits for the detailed study of the project followed by making descriptive initial and final project reports along with the cost of correcting the faults with asset priority.

Thus, the RREN Structural Due Diligence (TDD) report gives a clear picture of any building to the client in terms of its quality and life and most importantly whether the building requires any kind of strengthening. We, being a leading consultancy company have at present completed around 40 Million SFT of projects under the TDD wing.

Projects Completed:

1. High rise residential towers at Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

2. Mall at Chennai.

3. Mall and residential tower at Mysore.

4. Mall and commercial office spaces at Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad