Structural Strengthening

These are design & build services in Structural Strengthening aiming to increase the life of the structure

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Structural Strengthening

RREN evaluates and identifies the structural repair needs of your building and structurally strengthens it with engineers who expertise in structural strengthening. We being a leading consultancy company that provides Design & Build services in Structural Strengthening, take care of the repairing and rehabilitation of all your structures.

Slab, Beam, Column, Shearwall Strengthening & Steel Member Retrofitting:

  • We do structural Strenthening by all the three well known methods of Steel Jacketing, Concrete Jacketing and CFRP Wrapping
  • Rusting of elements: We remove the rusting; strengthen the elements against loss of load carrying capacity.
  • Plates/Bolts are sheared: We replace the bolts / stiffen the plates after mathematical analysis.


Crack Treatment:

Crack is live whereas the structure is dead. As mathematicians, we understand why the cracks appear and how they grow (crack propagation). The treatment is captured in a detailed method statement wherein the type of chemical and brands are also mentioned for filling cracks in walls. There will be drawings to explain the methods along with technical specifications.

Masonry Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of separation between rigid elements like concrete and masonry.
  • The convergence of mass at top/bottom of openings.
  • Shear in building frames causes diagonal cracks in masonry.
  • The masonry cracks are treated such that the tips are stiffened where the energy is stored. The treated cracks are flexible and not rigid. The chemicals what we use are best quality and are from best brands.

Slab Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of shrinkage of concrete. The cracks are widespread and are not in any pattern.
  • Less clear cover to reinforcement, oxidation of bars can be seen at soffit. The entire surface is treated with epoxy so that spalling of concrete never happens in future.
  • High flexural stresses. These cracks need to be strengthened before treatment.

Beam Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of inadequate steel reinforcement.  Straight cracks at soffit and on face indicate flexure cracks and diagonal cracks indicate shear cracks. Cracks are treated by steel or CFRP/GFRP jacketing.
  • Less bearing at support. If the development length of bars is inadequate, there we strengthen the supports by wrapping the junctions using CFRP.

Column/Shear Wall Crack:

  • Usually the cracks appear because of less load carrying capacity against gravitational and/or lateral loads. We strengthen the elements by concrete/steel jacketing or wrapping using CFRP/GFRP.

Floor Vibration Control:

  • Evaluation of acceleration of existing floor with provided stiffness.
  • Evaluation of acceleration after adding vibration absorbing strips/layer.
  • The methodology of application of strips/layer on the slab and junction of column & slab.
  • Presentation of mathematical analysis report, methodology, material specification, make etc in a report

Seepage/Leakage Control:

  • Seepage/leakage in wet area sand terrace/balcony etc will be controlled by treating the area with PU sealants and nanoparticle polymers with appropriate weather coat.